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Diane the Wild Wanderer

It's a small world. Live large.

Diane's blog

Welcome to the mental and physical voyages of Diane Wild. 

Why Edinburgh?

Why Edinburgh? The border guard asked me that when I arrived in London, papers from the Home Office in hand. In the four months I've lived here now, I get asked that a lot. The short answer is “life adventure,” but that doesn’t really explain what drew me to Edinburgh...

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Here’s my VoIP number, so call me maybe

With all its downsides highlighted lately (cesspool of political division, actual fake news calling real news fake, and violent trolling, anyone?) it can be easy to forget the Internet is magical, allowing the world to shrink in wonderful ways. In the roughly 18 years...

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Thanks, Grandpa Wild

I don't remember how I heard about the UK Ancestry Visa, but it was when I was working in London for a month on the 2012 Olympics, hearing my local coworkers talk about their weekend trips to Paris, Amsterdam, Prague, etc. So my desire to take advantage of an easy...

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Peace and propaganda in the DMZ

Every two-ish years since Vancouver 2010, I've worked for the host broadcaster of the Olympic Games. So every two-ish years I explore as much of the host country as I can given how little free time I have during the contract period. Other than Vancouver (because I...

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Finding an introvert’s paradise in New Mexico

One week, one roadtrip crammed with eccentric offerings such as Meow Wolf’s The House of Eternal Return, the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, an open house at the Very Large Array, and the state’s nuclear legacy. A yurt with a hundred-mile view off the...

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Ring in the new

This summer, a coworker and I were chatting while kayaking in the Burrard Inlet when I mentioned a former colleague had moved back from Europe and was now living on Salt Spring Island, picking up freelance work so she could work remotely. “I wish I could do something...

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Fuzz therapy

This isn't just one of my favourite comic strips, it's a way of life. I've almost always had cats, and currently have two old-to-ancient ones in my home now. They are sweet, and soft, and love me unconditionally (but more so when I'm feeding or petting them). They...

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The legacy of Denis McGrath

Reposted from TV, eh?: So much has and will be posted about the Denis McGrath-sized hole left in the world after his death last night. A small part of his legacy is that without him TV, eh? would likely not exist. In an alternate, Denis-less universe, one we’re...

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Swimming with sharks in the Galapagos

There came a point in the trip where I questioned the wisdom of swimming toward the man yelling “shark!” That point came later than you might expect. I’d only been snorkeling once before, years before, from the beach in Cozumel. I mostly remembered feeling...

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