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Diane the Wild Wanderer

It's a small world. Live large.

Diane's blog

Welcome to the mental and physical voyages of Diane Wild. 

Fuzz therapy

This isn't just one of my favourite comic strips, it's a way of life. I've almost always had cats, and currently have two old-to-ancient ones in my home now. They are sweet, and soft, and love me unconditionally (but more so when I'm feeding or petting them). They...

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The legacy of Denis McGrath

Reposted from TV, eh?: So much has and will be posted about the Denis McGrath-sized hole left in the world after his death last night. A small part of his legacy is that without him TV, eh? would likely not exist. In an alternate, Denis-less universe, one we’re...

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Swimming with sharks in the Galapagos

There came a point in the trip where I questioned the wisdom of swimming toward the man yelling “shark!” That point came later than you might expect. I’d only been snorkeling once before, years before, from the beach in Cozumel. I mostly remembered feeling...

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Cramming in Kauai

“Oh shit!” I heard the words and so never did see the wave that inspired them. When your raft captain yells an expletive, you know to hang tight to the rope and duck your head. You also know the heightened sense of adventure is what you paid for, so no panic...

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I don’t care if you like my tattoo

When I was young I would wait until it was unavoidable to admit my dad was dead. I wouldn’t correct the plural on “parents” but if someone asked directly about my father, well, I wasn’t about to lie, evade, or reenact the Monty Python parrot sketch. I didn’t avoid...

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A not-a-bucket of colour-blind monkeys

I chose early on not to mark the anniversary of my brother’s death. I instead wanted to have my private little ritual on a day celebrating his life: his birthday on April 8. It’s a ritual that involves cake and not much else. I’m not big on ritual. I am big on cake. I...

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100 days of nothing

I think of my recent move from Vancouver to a smaller but -- in my eyes -- better condo in Port Moody as an upgrade. Space conscious people would not agree. The me of six years ago, determined to have a Vancouver address and extra bedroom, would not agree. But the...

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Everything comes down to Anne of Green Gables

Adapted from our recent He Said/She Said on TV, eh? The Anne of Green Gables/Anne of Avonlea mini-series were the first Canadian productions to truly excite me as Canadian productions. Books I had loved, had literally read to death (the books’ death, not mine), were...

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Flexing the civil discourse muscle

I don’t know why this 2008 bodybuilding forum thread suddenly started circulating on Twitter the other day, but I’m so happy it did when I needed a laugh (though, warning: offensive insults throughout). I'm crying RT @ramit This is the best thread on the internet. 2...

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