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In our first attempt to go to Egypt, the Icelandic volcano cancelled our flights and I got stuck in Edmonton, where Teresa and I tried to recreate an Egyptian experience. This time the trip went as planned. And it was incredible … but it was no Edmonton.

Once we landed in Egypt, we searched for something as spectacular as the glass pyramids of the Muttart Conservatory, and came upon passable replacements in the Pyramids of Giza.

We didn’t encounter any zoos, so settled for camels in their natural habitat.

The North Saskatchewan River in Edmonton’s beautiful river valley – the best feature of my hometown – is unparalleled, but the Nile has its charms as well.

We didn’t see any malls to compete with West Edmonton Mall, but the local markets were full of wares and entertainment, and some of the buildings in Cairo looked a little like Europa Boulevard if you squint a little.

The graveyards we saw in Egypt had none of the flowers and tombstones we found in Edmonton, but the Valley of the Kings did have some interestingly decorated tombs, and the Egyptian museum had other fine objects that had been found within.

Above and below pics from Wikipedia – no photos allowed at Valley of the Kings or Egyptian Museum

So it may not have been Edmonton, but don’t hold that against it: Egypt was great in its own unique ways.