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So never mind that last post … I will be reviewing the House DVD after all. I’m glad I forgot to buy it yesterday, because today Fedex dropped off a package from NBCUni so I’ve got my external motivation to get a review done. Strange timing, to send it so close to the street date, plus two days earlier and it would have prevented me from publicly whining that I was burned out on reviewing the show. I’m sure once I get into writing, the internal motivation will come, too – it always does.

Kind of like volleyball. Every Wednesday I feel like I just can’t face playing tonight, pray for rain, then drag myself to the “beach” (the league beach is basically a parking lot full of sand under a bridge), because I made a commitment to the team. And paid for it. Then I have a lot of fun and can’t believe I hadn’t wanted to come. Well, unless we start losing and the guys start getting bitchy because they think we’re better than we actually are and should never lose. That’s probably what makes me dread it every week in the first place.

[If the volleyball talk is giving you the impression I’m something a jock … wait, let me stop laughing first. It’s the only sport I love to play and the only one I’m decent at (that’s definitely not false modesty, and possibly false ego) but the kind of play you see at the Olympics? Or even the cool kids on the beach? That’s not me.]

So anyway, though right now I think “how can I possibly write more about season two,” I know I’ll become my usual Housenerdy self once I start writing about the DVD. And if I don’t, there’s always the inspiring thought that the PR people could beat me up if I don’t get it done. Heck, their preschoolers and pet chinchillas could beat me up. That’s how much of a jock I’m not.