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This is kind of sick and educational: A surgery simulation on a stuffed bunny. (Thanks to my sick and educational brother for the link.)

Somehow it reminds me that there’s a new House on Tuesday, which starts and ends 7 minutes late … just because American Idol can. So set the recorders appropriately. But I can’t be bitter towards American Idol, which rescued House from obscurity. It doesn’t matter to me anyway – my recording’s set and friends in from out of town means no same-day House for me next week.

And that reminds me that my first thought on hearing that NBC and News Corp. (parent company of FOX) were teaming together to create a YouTube rival was: “Sweet, that could mean House episodes online” (because NBC is the studio and FOX is the network behind House). My second thought was: “They better not geoblock people from Canada.” And my third thought: “They’d better not just put promotional clips up.” Fourth: “Wait, I record the show anyway.”