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I don’t think of myself as an optimist. More of a realist. I don’t think everything happens for a reason. I think life is chaotic and random and our job is to make the most of what we’re given. But I do think we have a choice no matter what: to play victims of fate or to own our lives. Guess which I think is more satisfying?

In that spirit, Teresa and I did our Edmonton is the New Egypt adventure. Now, the Edmonton Journal has picked up the story, so our goofiness fun lives on:

Since the cancellation, I’ve been straining to come up with ways to look on the bright side. Here’s a few:

  • Fame and fortune … well, fame … well, we were featured in the newspaper.
  • Double the anticipation!
  • More time to finish my taxes before April 30.
  • I now have a dry run of packing under my belt and won’t forget my brush next time. I’ll forget something completely new.
  • I, um, probably won’t need a catsitter by the end of September. (I love my cat, and I’ll be crushed when he dies, but he’s a thousand years old and sickly.)
  • How else would I have discovered there’s a camel named Hope and Valley of the Tombs in Edmonton? (Thanks Teresa!)