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Yesterday I was going to write something brief about what I’ve cleared off my PVR this week so far, focusing on my disappointment in the Grey’s Anatomy season premiere. I thought it went from the overwrought season finale to the, er, underwrought glossing-over of Izzy’s grief, and the Chief’s marital troubles, and Meredith’s love triangle. I’m usually multitasking while watching the show (translation: not paying full attention), but even so, it seemed disjointed.

But then I got the memo (literally – none of the networks actually target news releases to the TV, Eh? site, so I get everything they send out, applicable or not). Turns out, I hadn’t seen the season premiere, but the second episode of the season, because of a glitch with the satellite feed provided to CTV.

The news today is full of stories quoting fans vilifying CTV, and while it’s hard to have sympathy for a corporate entity, it wasn’t actually their fault – a fact that’s buried in some of the articles. My media relations colleagues are shocked that journalists might run with the sensational, bad-guy story instead of the balanced facts.

I do think it’s a mistake for them to air the premiere at its usual time next Thursday, though. They could placate fans by trying to schedule it earlier, though I suppose they’re worried about cannibalizing their ratings for the regular timeslot. It’s jarring to see a serialized show in a jumbled-up order, but there’s nothing they can do to change the fact that most Canadians will for these two episodes. There is something they could do to be a little more apologetic, though.