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Yesterday started badly for me, only I didn’t realize it, and ended well, at a strip club. No judgement on any of you who might find your days ending that way normally, but it wouldn’t be my idea of a good time under normal circumstances.

First, the unknown bad: Over the weekend I’d cleaned out my bathroom cabinet and found a few bottles of hair styling products I had abandoned before they were finished. I do that a lot, when I decide something else is going to be the miracle product to achieve my goal of natural looking and natural feeling hair that defies nature. I decided I should either throw them out or use them up, so yesterday I used some leftover mousse. All day I despaired that I must have used too much, because my hair felt kind of … icky. This morning, I picked up that bottle, looked a little more closely, and discovered it’s face cleanser mousse. I thought about using toothpaste to style my hair, but decided against it.

This isn’t like the time I accidentally took four vitamins instead of four Tylenol. Yesterday, I was perfectly awake, contact lenses in, lights on. It’s just … who makes face cleanser mousse? When I see a bottle of mousse, of course I think it’s for hair and don’t scrutinize the bottle. (Don’t you dare ask me who buys face cleanser mousse, uses ¾ of a bottle of it, then forgets it exists.)

Now the unusual good: the strip club was a very cool experience for me, even though (or, more likely, because) no naked people were involved. It was the location for my first on-set interview, which was also my first interview for a Canadian show. But one benefit to doing phone interviews is you never have to wonder, “did they notice I styled my hair with, let’s face it, fancy soap?” Anyway, that interview will be coming next week.

Now I need to stop writing frivolous blog entries and get a couple of reviews done before I can get started on writing up the interview. A brain would sure come in handy right about now, but things aren’t looking good on that front.