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There was actual news floating around Twitter today, so here’s the latest collection of what’s on my TV mind lately:

One bit of information I was on the receiving end of was the news that the Tribune Company has filed for bankruptcy protection. Maureen Ryan of the Chicago Tribune is not only one of my favourite voices in TV criticism, she’s an active blogger and Twitter user. So her announcement of the news brought on an outpouring of support. (She says “I’m still reeling, but from what I understand, nobody is fired or laid off now.”) Tribune also owns the LA Times among other media outlets. Besides the obvious general badnewsiness of this whole thing, fingers crossed that it doesn’t result in even more losses in the shrinking world of professional TV criticism.

  • Writers Guild of America TV award nominations announced. Includes House for episodic (Doris Egan and Leonard Dick, “Don’t Ever Change”) and other good stuff.
    [The other good stuff includes The Wire, Dexter, Mad Men, 30 Rock, The Office, etc., though the other episodic choices are somewhat odd, including few from the nominated shows.]
  • Love Lisa de Moraes, used to love David E. Kelley, so this cracks me up – she says he’s known as “a kind of brainy tsetse fly.”
  • Lee Goldberg hates Canadian TV, blames lack of showrunners.
  • I love Love, Actually so I’m with this guy. More reruns of that, fewer It’s a Wonderful Life takeoffs for me.
  • Suspect reporter who emailed my “TV, eh?” account to ask who I am was expecting a more exciting answer. I’m secretly Kiefer Sutherland?

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