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The final day of Banff was a short one for me — slipped into the session with Jeff Greenstein of Desperate Housewives/Will and Grace/Friends, who had recruited BBC producer Jon Plowman(The Office, Fawlty Towers, Absolutely Fabulous, every other British production ever) to join him for his session on The Craft. That man can talk. (Greenstein, that is. I’m sure Plowman can, too, but he didn’t get a chance to prove it much this time.) Luckily, he was funny and biting and full of advice for the roomful of writers and producers.

Then it was off to Edmonton, land of my birth, for a quick visit to friends and family, before I head home to Vancouver the long way for another quick visit in Quesnel. Since it’s hard to write and drive at the same time, the rest of my Banff articles will have to wait until I get home. (Though I realize it’s not impossible to compose and drive – I’ve just never been good at dictating. I need the blank page or screen.)

A write-up of the Nicholas Campbell Da Vinci interview is in the Blogcritics queue. I hope to get Internet access before the movie airs so I can post it to TV, eh?, but if not, it’ll appear here when they post it to Blogcritics.