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Is it possible I have the power to summon people with the powers of my mind? OK, maybe not, but:

1) I’m sitting in the Banff media room posting an article by Stephen Hunt of the Calgary Herald to TV, eh? and realize … who’s sitting across from me but Stephen Hunt of the Calgary Herald.

2) A couple of hours ago, Will and I were standing in the conference centre lobby talking about the people we’d meant to run into but somehow forgot the all-important step of knowing what they look like or where they’d be. We started talking about David Moses (Robson Arms), looked up and there in front of us was a man attached to a nametag reading “David Moses.”

3) After chatting with him and various Canadian TV people in the Showrunners Group, we ended up in the lounge where I had the bright idea of emailing Jill Golick to say I’d love to say hi but didn’t know if I’d run into her or recognize her if I did. My laptop battery died, so I popped into the media room to plug it in … and there Jill was, blogging away.

I’m now going to try to use my powers for good and try to summon Hugh Laurie…