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Got the news this morning that Technorati bought Blogcritics. The part of me that’s worked in internal communications thinks it’s not cool that us Blogcritics found out after it was announced publicly, but the part of me that’s a blogger doesn’t care. What does it mean? Who knows. For the owners of the site, a lot more than for the readers and writers.

And I’m happy for them. They launched in 2002 and publisher Eric Olsen and the gang have worked damn hard to grow and improve the site at least in the time I’ve been with them (3 years already?!). The acquisition, whatever it ends up meaning, can only be a testament to their efforts and achievements.

I’ve enjoyed writing for Blogcritics because of the near-complete freedom to write what I want when I want how I want, coupled with greater exposure than I could get on my own blog. TV writers would never have agreed to my interview requests, and the Banff television festival would never have accredited me, without that platform. It might not be The New York Times, but The New York Times would never let me ramble on about House the way I’m prone to, either.