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I may not think the skywriting at the Rose Bowl Parade in support of the striking WGA writers was the greatest idea, but one fan put the cost of the last-minute opportunity – around $6500 – on her credit card, with the understanding that she’d be paid back from fan donations and proceeds from an online auction. So far they’re far short of that goal, but fans4writers has some great items up for bid (oddly they seem to be going low-tech – no eBay, you have to email with your bid).

House fans, you probably read writer Doris Egan’s blog already (if you don’t … go!) and she’s especially plugging the House-related items:

  • An Everybody Lies t-shirt with a signed note
  • Lunch with House writer Liz Friedman
  • Lunch with Doris Egan including optional script consultation (or a phone call/email script consultation)

Plus, other items include:

  • Signed scripts from Battlestar Galactica, Lost, Numbers, Law and Order: Criminal Intent (C’mon David Shore, pony up for a signed “Three Stories” and see House fans go nuts)
  • Autographed BSG soundtrack
  • A Two and a Half Men bicycle
  • Autographed poster of James Marsters
  • Signed Serenity photo
  • Something I’ve never heard of (“Desperation Can Tah prop” – apparently from a Stephen King movie)
  • More to come

Besides cool stuff and helping ensure that good intentions don’t go horribly wrong for one fan, any extra funds will be donated to the WGA Solidarity Fund to support industry workers affected by the strike. Check it out and spread the word: