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BREAKING NEWS: Sources confirm that UPN is in talks to acquire CBS’ Love Monkey! Hooray! I’ll (hopefully) have more on this in Friday’s Ausiello Report.

I’m happy, and I don’t even know what this means. UPN, the soon-to-be-defunct network? That seems like it means it would burn off the eight episodes shot this season, and then both network and series are history by the end of the summer. I won’t even hope that it means the new CW network will pick it up for next season. Well, I will hope, but I won’t publicly state my hope. Oh … right.

EDIT: And the answer to my title question? No, I probably can’t. Here’s the update:

A source close to Monkey confirms that UPN has expressed interest in acquiring the show’s five unaired episodes, but as of now, it isn’t in the plans. “But,” the source adds, “anything could happen in the future.”

Well, sure. But I don’t want to hear about it until it’s past the “anything could happen” stage. Stupid heightened expectations.