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Since I’ve already confessed my long-standing brain crush this weekend, now it’s time to confess a musical crush: Vancouver artist Dan Mangan and his album Nice, Nice, Very Nice (such a  nice Canadian title, eh?). I think I first heard Mangan from new-ish radio station The Peak – which like all commercial radio stations mostly plays the same thing over and over again, but in their case, they play music I love that you don’t hear ad nauseam from other stations over and over again, and thus have introduced me to some new favourites.

I do love the album, but his videos make me love it even more. They’re beautifully shot mini-movies fitting to the tone of their accompanying songs.

Road Regrets is a melancholic animation:

Indie Queens are Waiting looks like an indie movie shot in a local diner:

And Robots is a hilarious parody of an 80s gang movie: