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Because we had such a crappy winter here, we have to wish for a crappy spring. But not too crappy. Cold and dry is what we’re hoping for, to prevent the record snow pack from melting quickly and overflowing the Fraser River.

My home will remain dry, my workplace will remain dry, though in the worst case scenario, it might be a challenge to get from one to the other. That’ll be the least of it though. Work lately has involved hoping for the best but planning for the worst, which is seeing one of our hospitals go underwater. And in the meantime, preparing our employees for the possible disruptions to their jobs, their patients, and their lives.

It’s yet another reminder that everyone, no matter where they live, whether there’s a known impending natural disaster or not, needs to be prepared to be on their own, with their own supply of water, food, and emergency supplies, for 72 hours.

OK, public service announcement over. Now I’m off to try to get in the right mood to keep my fingers crossed for the sun to go away.