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I have no grand designs for this blog, except that it will probably continue to go fallow more often than not as life interferes in the near future. But whatever small designs I have for it, they don’t include once a week postings linking to tidbits about House. Still, I couldn’t resist this. House writer Doris Egan answered some fan questions as part of a strike promise, ending on this fabulous bit of whimsy:

  • Doris Egan Q&A
    “Sara Hess once suggested to me that somewhere about year seven, when the audience is tired of the show, we do a deliberate jump-the-shark season. House’s evil twin shows up. Wilson’s evil twin shows up. We learn that whenever Cameron was talking about her dead husband, it was actually a different husband; she’s a black widow who’s married a dozen men for their money and then murdered them. We find this out the morning after her wedding to Wilson. I told Sara, ‘The thing is, I’d watch that season.’ ‘I’d watch it too,’ she said; ‘It’d be awesome!’ House adopts a ward, who turns out to be Cuddy’s child from that bout of amnesia in her twenties. Halfway through the season, without explanation, we develop a crossover in which the crew of the Enterprise finds themselves stranded in Princeton in 2010.” Read more.

It’s enough to last us until new episodes at the end of April, no?