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My last “official” Banff TV festival post is up now, based on the Master Class of Entourage creator Doug Ellin:

  • Entourage Finds Success Out Of Failure
    “Proud of the draft he turned in, Ellin was shocked to learn that HBO wasn’t so thrilled. ‘What don’t they like about it?’ he asked Levinson. The answer? ‘They don’t like anything about it.’ ‘They had no notes, they hated it so much,’ Ellin continued. He decided to revise the script on his own time, ‘even though they begged me not to.'”Read more.

All my Blogcritics Banff posts are collected here except Anatomy of a House Episode: Airborne, which I put under the House feature column instead. Why? And why only that one and not the David Hoselton interview too? Shush. It seemed logical at the time.