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I’m as excited as a kid at Christmas and as terrified as an adult about to fly across the world in a tin can. Starting tomorrow I spend 26 hours in airplanes and airports on my way to Cairo. Let’s stipulate that tomorrow is not the fun part of the vacation.

Yet all is calm tonight. I’ve been a bit frantic lately with preparations for the Egypt vacation, and work was frantic with preparations for the LA trip that immediately follows it, so calm is unexpected. I’m waiting for Chinese food delivery while putting my three piles of stuff into three bags – main bag, carry-on bag, LA-only-that-gets-left-in-Edmonton-while-I’m-in-Egypt bag – but packing is pretty much done.

I left work at 5 having only forgotten to change my voicemail – easily remedied remotely.

There’s a few things I need to pick up tonight, like contact lens solution – years ago I ran out in Bolivia and paid an astronomical sum for a bottle – and plane snacks.

A few loose ends with TV, eh? and the freelance work I’m doing on another website.

Maybe I should clean the apartment a bit more so I don’t come home exhausted to a disaster.

And … oh god. Time to stop writing. Will try to blog from the road.