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I got a sweet but guilt-inspiring e-mail today from the Haiku for You people, thanking me for blogging about their site. Guilt-inspiring because while I Googled the text of the haiku kitty photo my brother had sent me so I could link to the original source, I didn’t actually mention the site. In fact, I didn’t quite get the concept in the short time I took to gather the link. I’d thought it was a site for user submitted content. A YouTube for haiku graphics. An I Can Has Cheezburger for poetry.

It’s more interesting than that.

The site is “a collaborative Internet art project” that encourages you to send in your story, then creates the haiku and graphic for you. Most are personal, like the Formerly Skittish one I previously posted: a couple had adopted a cat that was scared of everything, until with care and affection, he became happy and lazy. One guy wanted an apology for causing a water leak in his downstairs neighbour’s apartment:

Some are just random musings, like the person who wondered why Van Gogh would cut off his ear:

One contributor simply asked for a haiku about metempsychosis. Metemwhat? Oh:

Have a story you want boiled down into an illustrated haiku? Submit it here.

Haiku for You is the second Internet art project for Danny and Nina, the couple behind the blog. Their other site is “an art/voting project in which you decide where we should spend the next year of our life and we report on the adventure.” The voting is over and they’re blogging about life in the winning city, Denver. I guess that’s one way to make a decision.