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People magazine is on crack.

That’s probably not a newsflash, but the specific motivation for my accusation is the blurb on the front cover of one of the books I bought when I finally gave up on my non-serendipitous mistaken purchase.

“A touching, comic tale.” – People.

I know, I know, never trust a blurb. Who knows what the full review said. But in Lolly Winston’s Happiness Sold Separately, that word “comic” seems very out of place.

There are some funny lines, sure. I occasionally, accidentally make people laugh, too, but you couldn’t call me a comic. The book’s about “infidelity, infertility, a failing marriage, and a troubled kid.” HA! Nothing funnier than those subjects.

OK, I kinda liked that sitcom about a Nazi POW camp, but still.

That aside, Happiness Not Included is an interesting and authentic take on infidelity, infertility, a failing marriage, and a troubled kid, from the point of view of wife, husband, lover, even housekeeper. It hit the spot for me, a light read with real emotion and depth, flawed but sympathetic characters, and insight into the messiness of love. And, yes, wry humour. But I swear you’ll be more often closer to tears than laughter.