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Brief news on two shows I’ve covered, from Zap2It:

  • FOX Rattles Them ‘Bones’ for a Second Season (Translation: the show has been given a surprising early renewal, letting them plan for a cliffhanger ending)
  • Cavanagh Not ‘Monkey’ing Around (Love Monkey star Tom Cavanagh has signed on for another CBS pilot, signalling the show is almost certainly dead. But I wasn’t holding my breath for a renewal; I’m still waiting to hear if we’ll get to see the already-shot but unaired episodes).

So a friend and I had a joking conversation a while ago about whether I’m a jinx or a good luck charm as an interviewer, and this finally tips the balance and puts me on the side of good luck. I’ve interviewed three TV writers this season so far. One went on to win a Writers Guild Award, one had his show pulled from the schedule, and now one’s had his not-quite-a-sure-thing show renewed for a second season.

Disclaimer for the humour impaired: No, my ego’s not that big, and my superstition isn’t that pronounced – I know I had nothing to do with any of them. But you can blame me for Love Monkey if it makes you feel better.