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It was a surprise for me to find a few years ago, after overcoming drivaphobia, that I enjoy long distance solo drives. I knew I liked being a passenger, but there’s something about being trapped in a car with the music cranked up and only my horrible singing voice and random thoughts that appeals to me. The enforced stillness and distraction-light existence often helps foster more creative musings, and I find myself energized with ideas I want to get on paper or computer screen, and plans for life or at least for Saturday night.

So I arrived at the Best Western in Revelstoke, half way through my trip to Calgary to visit friends before heading over to Banff for the TV festival, with many different possibilities for stories and blog postings. And then I bumped into that other known fact about long distance solo drives: they wipe me out. All thoughts fled from my brain as I faced the sanitized comfort of my hotel room. Thank god for notebooks to capture those probably-not-as-brilliant-as-they-seemed-at-the-time ideas along the way.

All this to say: I’ve got nothing. And probably won’t until I start in on my Banff TV festival articles. Like last year, I’m accredited for Blogcritics, not this here blog, so I’ll link to my articles there from here.