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Since I won’t do anything crazy like change my Intelligence review-writing schedule just because there’s no House review to write (after all, there’s still that backlog of three book reviews I keep whining about, and I’m still working – like actual work – at 10 p.m., so those aren’t getting done any time soon either). But was that ever a great episode. Since “holy shit” is all I can come up with right now, I’ll quote a commenter, just in from Blogcritics:

Wow. I just saw tonight’s episode. Haddock is a genius. All season long he’s been introducing these little plot threads, dozens of them, leaving them dangling, unresolved until you wonder whether they meant anything at all. Then suddenly, subtly, there’s one little twist of the writer’s fingers, one flash, and you realize all those threads have been tightly woven into a short little fuse, and you’re about to witness one hell of a big explosion.