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I’ve had some nice e-mails and comments this week, wondering if everything’s OK because of the uncharacteristic delay in my House review. So I just wanted to say a blanket thanks and yes, I’m completely fine (even bordering on cheerful now that it’s the weekend and a good friend is coming to visit), just busy.

My day job is in communications with the health care system and we’ve been front page news lately, which is never a good thing in health care. We’re not talking “Hospitals doing a fabulous job” headlines here. So work has been frantic but also pretty rewarding, and I’ve been taking advantage of every opportunity to decompress with friends and colleagues after work (and no, “decompress” is not always code for “get drunk”).

I know, I know … quit updating and just write the damn review already. I’m going to sleep a little and then write it tonight, because immersing myself in the fictional world of House is another great way to recover from a too-real world where no one is going to solve the crisis by the end of the day (to paraphrase what I said in my very first post ever). And if I don’t do it tonight, I won’t have time again until another episode rolls around.