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The interview with the House writer/producer is up on Blogcritics:

I’ll have more with him soon, since I’m sure something from his session will appear in one of the feature articles I’m doing on festival themes.

And as a bonus extra … beyond the fact that he writes for my favourite show, I was predisposed to like him just from reading his bio on the Banff World Television Festival site (and he didn’t let me down in person):

Law school was a mistake. Being a lawyer looked cool on TV. Halfway through second year law at U of T, I discovered that television lied to me. But when I landed a part time gig reviewing movies for a pay-tv magazine (for 15 bucks a blurb), I saw a dim light. Then one of my friends from law school, Lorne Cameron, had a so-crazy-it-probably-won’t-work idea: write a screenplay and sell it to Hollywood. So we wrote the spec and he moved to LA. We never sold it but it did get us an agent and a couple of writing assignments. After a few years, I moved to LA (with my wife and 6-month-old son) only to get a gig in Toronto. Scorecard on the next 18 years: lotta pitches, buncha meetings, 22 assignments, 4 specs, 1 TV pilot, and 3 pretty good movies that were actually shown in theaters with my name on them. And now television is paying me back with the best job ever, on a hit show that also happens to be really good. And I can say that because I had nothing to do with creating it; that feat belongs to another friend from law school, David Shore.

Okay, so maybe law school wasn’t a mistake.