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My post The Worthy Few of the Fall TV Lineup is getting a few comments on Blogcritics, but I’m also getting impassioned e-mails from people saying they read it there and asking me why I’m not watching their favourite show, or begging me to start. First … a comment I can understand, because other people will read it. That’s what this whole blog thing is for – swapping opinions, readers having their say, too.

But to get my e-mail address, people have to search for it – to go from Blogcritics to this here blog – and even in the time it takes them to hunt it down, it hasn’t occurred to them that they shouldn’t care if I, a complete stranger, personally loves their favourite show or not.

I’m not a Nielsen household. And I’m in Canada, so NBC is not going to save Kidnapped because I start watching or sign a petition. Or if I write a post saying how much I love it, for that matter. Otherwise, Love Monkey and Sons and Daughters would still be on the air.

But more than that, in that post I’m trying to say I don’t have time to watch what I want to watch, so chances are slim I’m going to start watching what strangers want me to watch. How I Met Your Mother is OK. I’ve heard good things about Heroes. Say hi for me.

And here it is, my confession: I think Veronica Mars is fine but way overrated. Just as much as Buffy was. So there. Hate me, I can take it.