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I suck at coming up with titles. This here blog was named in desperation when everything else I wanted for an URL was taken. So it’s a quote from the post I’d just written when I switched from the DVD Verdict blog to this one, but since the title is so long, I saved a whole two letters by eliminating the “of” in the URL. Spur-of-the-moment decisions are not always good.

Anyway, now I’m trying to think of a permanent title for the new Canadian TV website, something that’s a little more descriptive and a little catchier than simply “Canadian TV.”

My plan is to keep building the site’s content until the time is right for an “official” launch, at which point I’ll put on my PR hat and, well, launch it. Hopefully with a catchy or at least informative name.

So send in your suggestions for a title and a tag line, and if I use yours, a shiny new e-gift certificate — iTunes? Amazon? — will be your reward. Plus, think of the glory. Or, yeah, just the gift certificate.

Right now it’s called “Canadian TV” and the tagline is “Not just Mounties and moose anymore” (which is a bit glib, especially since I don’t remember a show ever having a moose in it, except maybe the non-Canadian Northern Exposure). I want to keep “Canadian TV” in there, or something similar, since that’s what the site’s about – key words, you know. But what about Canadian TV? So far I’ve come up with “What’s on Canadian TV” and “Canadian TV Update” but they’re not grabbing me. The first one I thought of was “Canadian TV Does Not Suck,” but even trying to be a joke, it seemed a little … pathetic. And, well, not all the shows are going to be keepers.

You don’t have to be Canadian or even care about the site to participate. Any suggestions are appreciated, even if it’s to say you’re OK with one of the lame-ass ones I’ve come up with.

So leave a comment or e-mail me your suggestions for titles and tag lines. Please, help the titling impaired.