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Did I say I was signing off for the week? This is where I call on the woman’s prerogative to change her mind. Can you believe I thought I could stop myself from writing about the Oscars, just because of the silly little fact that I couldn’t watch most of the ceremony? And my mom thinks I’m not funny.

I did manage to catch an hour of it before heading out to win – that’s right, I said WIN – at volleyball. At the risk of losing my title as Awards Show Geek, I’ll admit that I’d never before recorded an awards ceremony. Tonight I did, because I really enjoyed that hour and I don’t have to go to work tomorrow, so who needs sleep. However, I’m new to this PVR stuff and I forgot it doesn’t know that the show is going to inevitably go overtime, so I missed the end. Dammit.

How great was Jon Stewart? Of course, my favourite host of the past was David Letterman, which I think puts me in the company of Ma Letterman and no one else, so my opinion might not mean much to you. And George Clooney’s speech was great, as was Stewart’s running joke about how dreamy/man-slutty he is (disclaimer: I’ve had a crush on him since Facts of Life, before I realized that mullets aren’t, actually, the height of cool).

Beyond that, Crash as best picture was a surprise, though it was widely considered the possible spoiler of Brokeback‘s winning streak. I said before that I was strangely neutral about who I wanted to win. I wouldn’t have been thrilled with Munich taking the top prize, simply because I haven’t seen it yet. (Well, it’s not that simple, I guess – I also haven’t felt compelled to see it yet.) But like many things in life, once the choice was made for me, it turns out I do have an opinion. I loved Crash, but I think Brokeback deserved it more. But whatever, it’s had a ton of accolades, Ang Lee won for best director – rebounding from Hulk – and I think I need to muster up some patriotism to say “yay Paul Haggis” for being Canadian. He wrote for Facts of Life, too … who knew that show was a hotbed of future Oscar talent?

I really, really wanted Bird York to win for “In the Deep,” and no, not because the song was also in an episode of House, but because it’s a gorgeous song. Plus, I loved her as Toby’s ex-wife in The West Wing. But I’m not that upset that “It’s Hard Out There For a Pimp” won, because any song that can get this semi-sheltered white girl from Canada singing that line for days after seeing Hustle and Flow must be doing something right. Still, I don’t think it’s destined to be a classic.

OK, now I’m really gone. I have a ton to do before leaving Tuesday. Must. Stay. Away. From. Blog.