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So this is a little late, but I just ran across this blurb from last year’s PROSALES, the official publication of the National Lumber and Building Material Dealers Association. I’d had a funny, friendly e-mail exchange with the editor after he came across one of my Intelligence reviews mentioning Jimmy Reardon’s lumber yard – he wasn’t terribly surprised to hear that the show might not be the greatest PR for the industry:

Calling All Canadians!
We’d like to hear your opinions regarding the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. drama Intelligence, which appears likely to be the only TV series playing in North America in which the lead character owns a lumberyard. Of course, it’s not your typical yard, even for British Columbia: It’s a front for the owner, slickly coiffed Jimmy Reardon, to launder drug profits. Like many LBM dealers, he’s a 3rd-generation member of the family business (at least the bad parts of the business), and Reardon’s character bio on the Intelligence Web site describes him as having “a diligent work ethic, which has resulted in the family business flourishing.” He’s also said to be “gentle and ruthless at the same time.” Canadian TV blogger Diane Kristine says the lumberyard set appears every few episodes, but usually not as often as another of Reardon’s “legitimate” businesses: a strip club. Kristine runs a blog called TV, Eh? So to her fellow Canadians, the question is: How good is “Intelligence,” eh?

Intelligence returns on Monday.

A message from Chris Haddock and Ian Tracey:

Here’s a clip from season 2 (some spoilers):