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In my second interview with a Kat(i)e Jacobs (the House executive producer being the other one), I chatted with the author of The Friday Night Knitting Club and the newly released Comfort Food. I’ve got some extra quotes I’ll post a little later. She’s a wonderfully friendly and interesting woman and we talked for an hour and a half, so there was a little more to our talk than I could put in the article.

  • Interview: Author Kate Jacobs of Comfort Food, Friday Night Knitting Club
    “Her latest novel, Comfort Food, features cooking show host Gus Simpson, who has ‘a lot on her plate.’ Jacobs describes the main character’s journey in hunger-inducing terms: ‘You have to learn to eat everything on your plate. You have to learn to savour the different tastes on your plate. How does this character go from saying she has this emotionally overloaded plate to taking what life is giving her and putting together an emotionally nourishing meal?'” Read more.