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Last week I interviewed Jeff Greenstein, writer/producer with Desperate Housewives, so that article is now posted to Blogcritics (I heard him talk at Banff so I’ve written about him before in my Craft post – I’ll have a little story about how this interview came to happen tomorrow). It covers some of my usual suspects: non-spoilery info on the upcoming season, his reflections on the show, the writing process, how the Internet is changing the fandom, and even a little science geekery (the title of this blog is a wink to my interest in physics, after all):

  • Housewives in Hovercrafts: An Interview With Desperate Housewives Writer/Producer Jeff Greenstein
    Desperate Housewives writer, consulting producer, and resident science geek Jeff Greenstein is reading about string theory for fun, but that doesn’t meant the women of Wisteria Lane will explore new dimensions of space and time this season. Still, ‘the running joke in the writers room this year is that the five-year jump allows us to have everybody going to work in hovercrafts,’ the witty Greenstein revealed in a recent interview. ‘Yesterday there was a reference to Tom having been injured in the Robot Wars.'” Read more.