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My latest from Blogcritics. Hardcore spoilerphobes might want to stay away for now, though nothing in it fits my own definition of a spoiler. We do talk about a piece of information that’s already been made public and that only the most naive fan wouldn’t have assumed anyway, but she also gives a hint of when that particular detail will occur.

  • Don’t Mess With The Iconic Moment: An Interview With House Writer Doris Egan
    “I feel like House and Wilson, they deserve mythology. They’re larger-than-life characters. There was one moment when I was typing the script where Wilson does something and I wrote: ‘This is an iconic moment.’ I thought someone would make me take that out, but they didn’t.” She feared the scene itself might be omitted since it was scheduled after the main shoot. “Hugh said, ‘How could they do that? I believe you called it an iconic moment.'” Read more.

In the interest of time and therefore my sanity, I’m not going to do a transcript as I’ve done with some interviews in the past, but in a day or two I’ll post some “deleted scenes” – quotes I transcribed but didn’t end up using in the final article.