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I’ve written before about my tragic Canadianness, but I am literally the poster child for politeness now. At work, we’ve got a new Be Nice to People policy to communicate to employees, and I happened to be at my desk when my colleague decided to coordinate a photo for the Be Courteous poster. So there I am, opening a door for another employee with a cheesy (but polite) smile plastered on my face. I believe my royalty cheque is in the mail.

This weekend, I took a quick trip to Kelowna and achieved another milestone in my life as a driver: I got my first traffic ticket. It’s for something that not only am I quite certain I didn’t do, but that I didn’t even know was an infraction (Disobey Yellow Light at Intersection – he meant those flashing orange lights warning you the upcoming traffic lights are about to change, not even the yellow traffic light itself).

When the RCMP officer handed me the $167 ticket, I thanked him. Then I laughed at myself. Then I was baffled.

I’m going to dispute the ticket, appealing to the fact that I don’t believe I did the deed, neither does my passenger, I’m a nice polite driver who’s never had a ticket before, based on the volume of people being pulled over I suspect they might have been a little overzealous, and I’m really sorry officer for doubting your word and thanks for your time.

Disputing just seems so … discourteous. How will I live with seeing myself on those posters now? Good thing Avoid Gossip is coming soon to take their place. I can do that. I’ve got no dish on the Kelowna RCMP.