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Last night I was scrounging around the old blog to find the name of the textbook that reprinted one of my articles (fruitlessly – apparently I didn’t post about it – so thanks, Google Books search, for letting me know it was Electronic Media Criticism: Applied Perspectives by Peter B. Orlik .) It was part of my mission to create this still-a-work-in-progress website to collect all my online activities in one place, but it led to me poking around the archives, reliving Edmonton as Egypt and Egypt as Egypt, for example.

And as egotistical as it sounds, I missed me. That is, I miss the me who used to take joy in writing and sharing for no reason, before the Olympic job sucked my life away and then, after a brief reboot, before I let the joy get sucked out of blogging.

So I’m rebooting again and reclaiming the joy. I’ll leave the old blog to collect dust over on Blogspot, but I’ve imported the personal-essay-like-objects here. I won’t continue linking to things I do for TV, eh?, etc. because that’s what the rest of this site does – gives a place for everything, without everything being pushed into one stream. This will be my place for  those “random thoughts on life that swirl together in my little brain and try to collide into one cohesive idea,” my unified theory of nothing much, may that name rest in peace.