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  • ER: The Complete Third SeasonER near the top of its game, engrossing and addictive, with a great blend of medical and personal chaos mixed with the occasional playful respite. Read the review here.
  • Sledge Hammer! Season Two – Gleefully politically incorrect, both in humor and in content, appealing to people with a skewed sense of humor and to those who like to write angry letters to networks and DVD distributors about glorifying police brutality, violence, misogyny, and gun worship in the media. But it’s all in goofy, subversive fun. Read the review here.
  • Trading Spaces: Great Kitchen Designs and More – The oddly addictive home design show doesn’t have a lot of rewatch value, but if you love kitchens and want some … interesting … ideas for your own, this might appeal. Read the review here.

Books in brief:

  • Naked Brunch by Sparkle Hayter. Yes, that’s her real name. This book was not what I was expecting, considering I first heard about it in an article focused on “chick lit” – a term I inexplicably hate, despite having embraced the term “chick flick.” Timid Annie discovers she’s a werewolf, and not the nice, cuddly kind of werewolf, but one who comes home to disgorge human eyeballs after a night on the town. She meets up with a doctor who helps people/wolves like her minimize their condition, but also with a renegade werewolf who wants her to embrace her werewolf self – and his. A clueless reporter starts getting clues that keep him on their trail, a plethora of minor characters do other things, and everyone falls in love by the end. For a werewolf, Annie is oddly nondescript, and the other characters aren’t particularly fleshed out either.
We hardly find any persons of good sense save those who agree with us.
Francois Duc de la Rochefoucauld