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Mark Critch of This Hour Has 22 Minutes and Jonas “Heironymous Slade” Chernick of The Border were the witty and entertaining guests on the final (for now) TV, eh? show on Blogtalkradio.

Mark Critch talks about stalking the trail of Sarah Palin in Alaska, impersonating Danny Williams in China, and teaching Beijing schoolchildren useful English phrases like “Stephen Harper lied to the people of Newfoundland and Labrador.”

Having just completed a half marathon and demonstrating excellent social skills, Jonas Chernick proves he’s not really like his character (as long as you don’t ask his friends and family, apparently). He talks about what’s next on The Border and what’s coming up for Slade, his forays into writing and theatre, learning about current events from The Border scripts, and why he never wants to write one.

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