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In the year or so leading up to Oliver’s death, I launched a plan to get through the inevitable period where I wasn’t ready for another cat – both the emotional commitment and the commitment commitment – but would be missing having another animal in the house besides me. After he died and I was done with my holiday/work trip, I applied to foster with VOKRA – the Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association. They can operate as a no-kill organization because they have hundreds of foster homes to take in cats and kittens until they can find permanent homes.

This is Holly, my first fostercat. She hid in the lining of my guest bed boxspring for a week, and still likes her enclosed places, but she also loves when I come to her for an intense petting session. From her bio:

Holly is an incredibly affectionate cat who would probably let you pet her forever, purring and rubbing her face against your hand if you’re too slow with the petting. She’s shy and needs time to warm up to you, and probably needs a quiet household with no other animals or small children. She’s very quiet and low-maintenance and just needs someone to love her and bring her out of her shell.

I seem to have to keep justifying why I’m fostering instead of adopting, but trust me: it’s a good thing for both me and the cats. It will be hard to give them up when they’re adopted, but not as hard as you might imagine. I go into it with the mindset that they’re mine to socialize and love, but not to keep. I’m preparing them for their rightful owner.

I fully expect that in time, my cat will cross my path and I will adopt him or her.  Holly is a sweet cat; she’s not my cat. Is she yours? Come visit if you think she might be, and apply to adopt.