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The bad part about being away from the office for a week and a half is I worked all weekend to catch up on a week and a half’s worth of work (I know, I know, 1, 2, 3: “awwww.”). The good part is that means I was able to catch up on the Lost DVDs, in order to have something on in the background while I edit the company newsletter, and had time to write some frivolous blog postings while I procrastinated. (I’m only on episode 8 of Lost, but Meldraw tells me in her comment that “the boys start to even the SPF playing field nearer the end of the season.”)

But another bad part – it was an absolutely gorgeous weekend, and I spent most of it inside. But another good part – it’s way too hot for my northern blood and pasty skin, only I can’t complain, because when you live in Vancouver, you must be grateful for sunny days. It’s the law. This way, I got to pretend I was unhappy to have to avoid the heat, while being secretly grateful.

Yesterday and tonight I’m nesting on the shady balcony which I rarely use, except to let the cat entertain suicidal thoughts as he debates jumping onto the railing of the 14th floor balcony. I have no furniture out here, so I’ve got a pile of pillows and blankets, some wine, some music, an assortment of fruit from the farmer’s market, and chocolate. It’s like a little piece of concrete heaven, overlooking a distant view of the Fraser River, some urban forest, far-off mountains, and, slightly less scenically, a plethora of highrises and highrise construction. So, heaven if it’s not all it’s cracked up to be.

I’m not sure what this month’s newsletter is going to look like, given the distractions of Lost and wine, but it’s sure been more fun to edit than the average issue. Maybe I should take a week off every month.