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Not that anyone’s counting, but my third annual Emmy prediction silliness is up on Blogcritics, where I decide on the winners using my heart, head, and a random number generator. Last year, my success rate was 8/12 correct predictions if you combine all three (which is cheating, but whatever), or 5/12 for my head, 2/12 for my heart, and 2/12 for random number generator.

  • Rolling The Dice on the Emmys
    Heart: Hugh Laurie definitely has my heart. For the Emmy Award, I mean.
    Head: Laurie is overdue, and Michael C. Hall and Bryan Cranston were amazing, too, but my head’s going with Jon Hamm. Mad Men has the buzz and the momentum, and Hamm brings nuance to a role where so much is below the surface. I have turned into a pessimist and have come to think that one day, when House is limping along in its 10th season, voters will finally realize they haven’t yet given it to Laurie and reward him when someone else has had stronger material. As long as James Spader doesn’t win, I think I can deal with the disappointment. But I don’t want to test that theory.” Read more.