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  • It’s official: no Canadian Idol for 2009. Could be uncancelled later, though, so hold the celebrations or tears.
  • Wall Street Journal on Big Bang Theory: A Nerdy Comedy’s Winning Formula. Though for me, the winning formula is Jim Parsons = Sheldon.
  • After suspending parliament, the Governor General gets back to serious business: giving Paul Shaffer the Order of Canada.
  • Children’s Hospital is only slightly more ridiculous than Grey’s Anatomy. I hate geoblocking – have to mask IP address in Canada.
  • Recording SNL tonight. Watched House pilot mostly out of curiosity to see Hugh Laurie in a drama. Now it’s a novelty to see him do comedy.
  • Some day I will admit that I don’t really like The Mentalist; I just like Simon Baker and his sweater vests.

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