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As you’ll see from my Twitter updates, I have three TV-related interviews to write up in the next few weeks, so some day soon this blog will have something more than Twitter updates. But for now, Twitter updates!

  • Not content at being on every TV show’s soundtrack, Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah #1 and #2 on UK Christmas charts. (I didn’t have room to say this, and couldn’t find an online article to confirm it, but CBC radio said the original version has now also cracked their top 40 because of the publicity.)
  • Cool article on near death experiences and brain/thoughts as quantum mechanics. TV connection? Uh, it mentions ER-vintage George Clooney.
  • Alan Sepinwall in the New York Times mourns the death of network TV. James Poniewozik of Time dances on its grave.
  • Being Erica launches a video diary. Premieres Jan. 5 on CBC (Canada), Spring ’09 on SoapNet (US).
  • SAG nominations: Yay, not just Hugh Laurie but House ensemble. Sad that’s only way Robert Sean Leonard gets nominated (no Emmy, no Golden Globe). Boston Legal? Ugh.
    • It’s a weirdly stale list of nominations. Kinda like the Emmys usually are. Good to see Elisabeth Moss sneak in though.
    • I used to love David E. Kelley but don’t get the Boston Legal love. And William Shatner as best actor? My head hurts.
  • Now have 3 interviews to write up soon – Defying Gravity, Being Erica, Cock’d Gunns. Defying Gravity is a Fox/CTV/BBC co-production but no US broadcaster has been announced yet.
  • Flashpoint returns Jan. 9 on CBS and CTV (back to Friday nights). Preview here.

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