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This is so hysterically bizarre, I just have to post after being obsessed with it since someone sent it to me last night.

Warning: not safe for work language. Also: not safe for people with no appreciation of the surreal.

But I dare you to listen to it and not giggle like a lunatic while quoting its nonsensical bits to the people you just had to forward it to: “Thinks he’s got it going Bossa Nova.” “No way.” “He thinks he’s Captain Tying Knots.” “Who paid for that floor?” “Not my chair, not my problem, that’s what I say.” “Lighthouses rule.” “Seahorses forever.”

What the hell is it? An animated short by musicians Dan Deacon and Liam Lynch called “Drinking Out of Cups.” The story, best as I can tell (from YouTube comments and Wikipedia – always highly reliable), is the words are from a friend of theirs on acid, though the voice is Deacon’s. It worries me a little that I got it in reply to one of my slightly stream of consciousness emails – only the link, no other text, not even a “hey, isn’t this funny?” Think that’s a hint?