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I’ll be doing occasional book reviews for Blogcritics, so giddy with the success of my one-stop-shopping House, M.D. links page, I thought I’d compile my book-related posts here so I can link previous and future posts together for those who want more.

Book reviews:

  • Audiobook review: A Million Little Pieces by James Frey. Frey’s memoir recounts his time in rehab.
  • Random Reviews Roundup. I’ve written very short reviews for various books I’ve read over the last several months, and links to those monthly compilations are gathered here. I’ll be doing some longer-form reviews, but will probably continue these blurbs about recent reads, too.

Book-related posts:

  • Raincoast Books introduced literary podcast series. The title sort of sums it up. A publisher does an author reading and commentary (on The Highest Tide by Jim Lynch) as the first of a planned series of podcasts.
  • Vikram Seth talks about Two Lives. The author of A Suitable Boy was in Vancouver for a reading of his new memoir.
  • An Evening with Salman Rushdie. The writer of the recently released Shalimar the Clown and Booker-winner Midnight’s Children came to Vancouver for a reading.
  • I don’t watch Oprah, but … is about the newly relaunched Oprah Book Club, mentioning her first pick, A Million Little Pieces by James Frey (the audiobook version of which I review above).
  • Amazon Short, sweet and cheap is about Amazon’s offerings of short-form literature for 99 cents.
  • When fans react. My explanation of why I’m curious about the behind-the-scenes world of TV writers, which is responding to a TV writers’ post on why he doesn’t think writers should indulge that curiosity. It also briefly mentions a talk I attended by Margaret Atwood, and her thoughts on the writing process.
  • A gift of Fry & Laurie mentions books written by actors Stephen Fry (The Stars Tennis Balls, or Revenge in the U.S.) and Hugh Laurie (The Gun Seller).