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It’s going to be a busy week, for my PVR if not for me. I’ve already checked out new shows The Class (premiering Monday), Jericho (Wednesday), and Shark (Thursday), but won’t be adding them to my record list. I’ll catch Shark live when I can, but Thursdays are pretty crowded already. Here’s what I’m watching or recording this week:

Tonight is Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip – hurray for CTV for airing it on Sundays instead of simulcast with the American feed on Mondays (because of a scheduling conflict for them, but I’ll take it as a personal favour to me). I’ll be watching live for sure.

Monday, I’ve got the PVR set for The Smart Woman Survival Guide, though I haven’t watched last week’s episode yet, which isn’t a good omen for it remaining in my recording schedule.

Tuesday … you have to ask? House, of course. Its temporary 8 p.m. home isn’t great news for me, because it means the Eastern time zone feed airs before I get home. Waiting sucks. I’m also not fond of Standoff, which took its timeslot, though I had high hopes for a romantic comedy/Moonlighting-type show. House is supposed to be back at 9 p.m. after the October baseball break … which is also the timeslot for Intelligence starting Oct. 10, which means in November when House is back, I’ll be grateful for the FOX Eastern time zone feed again.

Wednesday, the PVR is recording Kidnapped, though that’s one I won’t kill myself to find time to watch if I don’t happen to catch it live. It sounds like it’s supposed to be good, but I have commitmentphobe issues with overly serialized shows, I’m not usually a big lover of crime shows (see Intelligence exception), and this list is already getting way too long.

Thursday is a mess, and will get worse next week when Ugly Betty premieres. This week, it’s the season premieres of The Office, My Name is Earl, and Grey’s Anatomy, plus the series premiere of J.J. Abrams’ new show, Six Degrees (as executive producer, though, not writer). We’ll see how long my interest in Grey’s lasts this season – I’ve been very hot and cold on the show – and I’ve heard mixed reactions to Six Degrees. My Name is Earl was expendable but enjoyable viewing last season, though I hear they’re changing it up a bit this season and not relying on the list as much, so it might be interesting to see what they do with it.

Coming up in future weeks, I want to at least sample Brothers and Sisters (next Sunday), Heroes (next Monday), Friday Night Lights (Oct. 3), Rumours (Oct. 9), 30 Rock (Oct. 11), Jozi-H (Oct. 13), and The Knights of Prosperity (Oct. 17).

Smith premieres this week too, though I’m not interested, and Men in Trees debuts in its regular timeslot on Friday, but I wasn’t hooked by the little bit of it I saw … and I’m a sucker for a romantic comedy and loved Northern Exposure, which it keeps getting compared to.

Just looking at this list is exhausting, but as usual, I’m sure only a few will end up being can’t-miss shows for me.

What’s on or off your list?