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Just a couple of entertainment-related quotes that made me laugh and nod:

The Secret

Scott Feschuck of Macleans bashes not just The Secret, the Oprah-fuelled bestseller “whose runaway success stands as a tribute to our human minds and, more specifically, just how incredibly goddamn stupid so many of them are,” but the media who have been “so intimidated by the success of the book that it has declined to openly mock it with the double-barreled derision that it deserves”:

I understand that the world is filled with people who are in pain and seek hope. But is false hope better than none? Where does hugely retarded hope fall on that scale? And when exactly did we lose our nerve as a society to point to something idiotic and simply call it idiotic?


Lisa de Moraes of the Washington Post reports on the debunking of the bizarre conspiracy theory that call-centre operators in India are flooding American Idol with votes for “talent-challenged” Sanjaya Malakar:

Sanjaya’s father hails from India and therefore, some have speculated, that country must be behind this outrage – because, Lord knows, we always get the voting right in this country.