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While my writing time this weekend goes to the half-leaked House interview, I figured I’d steal a blog post from an e-mail I wrote:

The Robson Arms season finale was last night, and I really liked that show overall. To me, each episode is like a mini relationship drama, with humour in various sized doses, so the is-it-comedy-or-is-it-drama thing didn’t bother me at all. And even though it’s only half an hour, and each relationship only got one or two episodes in the spotlight, you learn a lot about the characters – it’s economical storytelling. The finale ended with wordless scenes of the other characters you hadn’t seen in the episode that told you a lot about their ultimate fates. I might just watch the first season now.

I like having another Canadian show to root for. Which means they’ll probably cancel it.

Season one’s on DVD and online.