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I may have been too covert about this, but I’m looking forward to the premiere of Intelligence on Tuesday. I’m not usually a crime drama fan but this is, well, intelligent, and the intriguing characters and dense plots hooked me.

But not from its original airing. I’d missed the movie/pilot last year – one of my “Canadian TV doesn’t get enough publicity” examples – but then they sent a press release about the start of production for the series, followed up with a screener and an offer of a set visit and interviews, and I happily discovered I was a fan.

They just launched their series website, which will have the usual suspects like videos, bios, recaps, and photos, plus a video mashup, game, and podcasts, some features up there now, some coming soon.

And if you look carefully, under links, there’s TV, Eh?, linked to the Intelligence category but of course offering a little visibility to the site as a whole … and therefore, theoretically, to other Canadian shows. We’ve got plans to try to collect interesting content, too, and not just leave it at a courtesy link. A bit of cross-promotion between us – isn’t cooperation a beautiful thing?

And who knows, maybe more shows and more publicists will take advantage of the site and not leave me to scour the web for information on them, or sift through network media releases on the wonderful American programming they’ve bought to find the nuggets on Canadian TV. It’s only been three months since I launched it, and it’s already made progress in that area – even more so in the last week (thanks Canadian Press and CBC) – so I’m optimistic.