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This is so wrong. So, so wrong. I apologize in advance.

I will have more on JibJab soon – I got to sit down with co-founder Gregg Spiridellis and get a tour of their studios when I was in LA – but today they’ve launched a new Starring You video: you can put yourself into a Snoop Dogg video.

At first, I tried to do the lazy thing and use my own already uploaded head for all 3 roles. I will be in therapy for years, now, trying to get the vision of me seducing myself out of my head. Then I tried to put Hugh Laurie and John Cusack in the supporting roles – hey, I didn’t want to give up the starring role – but now I have to do penance for years, trying to atone for putting them in sexy women’s garb. Finally, I decided to ignore the fact that I’m pandering to the male fantasy. Let’s just say if I were to bat for the other team, I’d want Michelle Pfeiffer and Keira Knightley on my side.

Want to make your own? Visit JibJab – but it’ll cost you $3 to share the video like this. I’ll have a bit more on that in my upcoming article, too.