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Friend of the blog Jill Golick, a Canadian TV writer, is launching a cool new experiment in online storytelling, so I interviewed her for a Blogcritics article:

  • Story2Oh! Spreads Its Narrative Across the Internet
    “The groundwork for the story, which launches in earnest on Monday, January 14, has already begun. Ali Barrett writes a knitting blog, Ali Purls, where she unfavourably compares clingy boyfriend Devon Ross to a poncho she knit out of shedding baby alpaca wool. He’s sent her a Facebook gift of a roll of duct tape with the message ‘we can fix this.’ Her wall betrays her flirtation with Simon Beals, author of the boytellsall blog and videocast (and who is himself quite the flirt, choosing to indicate that he and I are Facebook Friends because we “hooked up and it was glorious.”) ” Read more.

EDIT: I just noticed Blogcritics took out a paragraph that ties one of the goals behind the WGA strike to this project more explicitly. I’m not going to fight the edit because god knows, my stuff should usually be shorter and it is an expendable paragraph. But I liked what Jill had to say when I asked her if the strike was part of the impetus behind the project, so I’ll include it here (it went after the paragraph that first mentions the strike):

“I started working on this way before the strike, but the issues underlying the strike are part of what made me want to give it a shot,” Golick explained. “I believe that the financial system underlying the creation of television in Canada is flawed. I don’t think it leads us to produce the best product and it often leads to something less than creative satisfaction for the writer/creators. Never mind the issues of getting an audience. The US system is problematic too. The multinational media conglomerates have a stranglehold on the system. Greed doesn’t seem a very compatible bedfellow for creativity.”

See, this is just like a DVD extra!